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XP 1000

14-16 XP1000 XP 1000 Bottom End Complete Motor Engine Rebuild Kit Top Wiseco
WOW!  CHECK IT OUT!  XP 1000 COMPLETE ENGINE REBUILD KIT!93mm cylinderforged hi comp pump gas pistonsHotrods HD crank with rodsRod bushingsCrank bushingsCounter balancer bushingsComplete gasket kitEngine oil sealsWater pump rebuild kitTiming chainHead stud kit..
XP 1000 XP1000 COMPLETELY ASSEMBLED HEADFull race port and polishCut valve guidesAll Kibblewhite valve componentsFits all 2016 and newer XP1000 and all General 1000 modelsREAD WARRANTY INFO.  Order now or call 909-782-8012..
'14-16 XP 1000 BADA** BIG BORE POWER!98mm cylinderCP 11.5:1 forged pistonsHi temp piston ringsDLC chrome wristpinsCirclipsHotrods HD crank assemblyCP-Carrillo HD connecting rodsCrankshaft bushingsRod bushingsCounter balancer bushingsStage 2 Hotcams - intake and exhaustHD head stud kitComplete gasket..
COMES WITH A LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTYUsing a stud/nut combo as opposed to a bolt to torque your head gives you more tensile strength, shear strength, and elasticity by itself.  Using our case hardened material instead of the material most OEM bolts are made out of combined with the physics..
EVERYTHING!! Polaris XP1000 Complete Motor Rebuild Kit! Includes: 93mm cylinder JE or Wiseco forged pistons Hotrods HD crankshaft with rods Counter balancer bearings Crankshaft and rod bearings Complete gasket kit Complete oil seal kit Water pump re..
This RZR XP 1000 Complete motor rebuild kit has everything, and we mean everything!  Check it out!  Included are: New 93mm cylinder JE CP or Wiseco forged pistons Hi temp piston ringsDLC chrome wristpinsCirclipsHotrods HD crankshaft assemblyHotrods HD connecting rodsCrankshaft ..
XP1000 XP 1000 Rebuilt Motor Rebuild Kit with Pump93mm cylinderForged JE or Wiseco pump gas pistonsHi temp piston ringsDLC coated pinsCirclipsHotrods heavy duty crankshaftCrank bushingsHotrods heavy duty rodsRod bushingsCounter balancer bushingsOil PumpOil pump chainCam ChainComplete gasket kitCompl..
XP1000 MAXLOCK HEAVY DUTY HEAD STUDS PROTECT YOUR MOTOR!   These sutds:Replaces all 6 cylinder head to cylinder studsALLEN HEAD studs make for easy install Increase torque to 70 ft/lbs 12 point ARP nuts for easier adjustment and more torque Good for stock motor and a must for b..
XP1000 XP 1000 Complete Redo THE MOST COMPLETE REBUILD kit is right here!  Includes:CylinderForged hi comp pump gas pistonsHi temp piston ringsDLC chrome wristpinsCirclipsStage 1 Hotcams intake and exhaustHotrods HD crank assemblyHotrods HD rodsRod bushingsCrank bushingsCounter balancer bushing..
ALL Polaris RZR XP Pro 1000 MODELS big bore gasket kit!Cometic kit made in USAMLS head gasket for the best seal possibleBase gasket, water tube, exhaust gasket includedVALVE STEM SEALS ARE NOT INCLUDED..
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