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Rhino Grizzly 660

Rhino or Grizzly 660 COMPLETE big bore stroker kit.  Included are: NEW 102mm Cylinder JE Wiseco or CP forged pistonHi temp piston ringsDLC coated wristpinCirclips Hotrods 4mm Crank with RodMUDBUSTER HotcamHeavy Duty Main Bearings Complete Gasket SetComplete seal kit Cam..
Raptor Rhino Grizzly 660 KMS ARP Head Studs Heavy Duty Cylinder Kit
Rhino Raptor Grizzly 660 ARP Head Studs  This heavy duty stud kit for your Yamaha Raptor 660 has the case hardened studs and nuts to keep your motor safe! Replaces all cylinder head to cylinder studs Increase torque to 65 ft/lbs Made from 8470 Chromoly 12 point Allen nuts for..
GET MORE FUEL WITH A HIGH FLOW FUEL PUMP!!The Rhino 660 is a well built machine, but one of the issues it has is an underperforming carburetor, causing the motor to run out of fuel.  There are more expensive solutions to this problem, like an after market carb set up  This solution is simp..
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