Cylinder and head studs like ARP have become very popular for ATV side x side and dirt bike riders. rebuilding the motor or engine.  But is it better than geniune OEM bolts or studs, is the question.  The answer is yes.  While you do need studs made from a strong material like chromoly, studs made from many different steel materials a more than strong enough to do the trick.  That's because the main advantage of using studs is not the material they are made out of, it's the fact you are using a stud/nut combo instead of a flange bolt. Being able to tighten a nut down over the stud will always  give you more clamping force.  That being said, you do need a stud made from strong materials.  There are many types of steel that are up to the challenge. At bpratv our Maxlock studs are made from 4135 alloy steel, a very strong metal commonly used to make gears, connecting rods, and other internal engine parts that are constantly under high stress.  While not as strong as chromoly, 4135 is absolutely strong enough to take anything your engine throws at it, and every alloy steel, like chromoly and 4135, has the same elasticity.  Chromoly has more carbon than 4135, which simply put means it can be taken to higher temps than 4135 without becoming brittle, but both materials keep their rigidity at higher temps than any ATV, motorcycle, or other powersports vehicle engine runs at.  Our studs are precision machined, heat treated, and then put into a black oxide corrosion resistant bath to make them last even longer  We are so confident in the quality of our studs that we made them the only studs you can buy that come with a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY*.  So buy a Maxlock stud today with confidence!  Made for almost all popular 100cc to 1500cc models.