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14 Nov Which Carb Is The Best For Me?
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I love carburetors. I think the way they work and what they do are really cool, and I like talking about them. I really like to see people add carbs to their stock or big bore motor, because it really..
14 Nov RZR 800 Motor Rebuilds...
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The Polaris RZR 800 is a great machine, and it blew up the side x side market as well as making Polaris once again a major player in the ATV industry. Just think how much different it is at our favori..
14 Nov Brute Force Big Bore Power...
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One of my favorite ATVs is the Kawasaki Brute Force. I love the design of the motor and the power those machines put out.Our motor rebuild kits for the Brute Force 750 are one of my favorites. When as..
14 Nov Kibblewhite Valve Technology...
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Kibblewhite has been making valve train components for over 78 years. Think about that.  These guys were making valves before World War II. When Kibblewhite started Lou Gehrig was the biggest name in ..
14 Nov Raptor 700 815cc Big Bore Stroker...
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The Raptor 700 has been one of Yamaha's greatest successes, and there are a lot of options when it comes to motor performance. There have typically been two popular big bores for the 700, the 105.5mm ..
14 Nov Whats Up With Yamaha?
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From 2004 to 2008 Yamaha was on the cutting edge of our industry, coming out with three exciting vehicles - YFZ450, Raptor 700, and Rhino 660 and 700. The YFZ led the way for 450cc sport ATV's. The Ra..
10 Jan Banshee Alpha Cub Cylinder
bpraceadmin 0 781
The ALPHA CUB cylinder is here and it is going to revolutionize the Yamaha Banshee.  This cylinder is stock bore, stock stroke, works with OEM head, crank, and carbs, NO MODS REQUIRED!  It will also l..
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