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Installation & Warranties

We strongly recommend that all motor parts be installed by a qualified mechanic with experience working on these types of motors.  We send out installation, tuning and break in instructions with our motor kits.  Failure to follow those instructions may result in motor failure that will not be covered by warranty.  Warranty does not cover any failure that is a result of improper installation, improper tuning, improper break in, or misuse.  For any warranty to be considered the part(s) in question must be sent to us for inspection.

Installation Instructions Document

BP Racing stud kits come with a lifetime replacement warranty. This means that for the life of your bike, if any stud or other part of a stud kit fails, we will replace it with new studs at no charge. This does not apply to ANY OTHER PARTS. Only studs will be replaced, NOTHING ELSE. Thank you.

For cylinder warranty: Warranty does not cover normal replating that all nikasil cylinders require. Warranty does not cover any failure that results from improper installation, tuning, break in, or abuse. Warranty is to repair cylinder only, does not come in the form of a refund or other parts. If you have questions about the warranty, contact us.

Order Fulfillment

Sometimes customers have questions about why the parts they receive with their order do not exactly match the photos. There are two reasons for this.  First, photos are for example purposes only and represent which parts are included, not always the exact parts you will receive.  Every item we sell has an itemized description stating exactly what you can expect to receive.  Second, we are dealing with back orders on a scale that this industry has never seen due to the Covid pandemic.  We spend a very large amount of money stocking the same parts from different manufacturers so that when one is out we have a substitute of equal quality to send you instead of having you wait weeks or months to get your order.  This does not save us any money at all and it actually costs us far more to do this.  We do it for the benefit of our customers only.  If you would like a certain brand piston or other part you are more than welcome to request it.  Please keep in mind this may result in a delay that can range from two days to two months.  If a specific part requested is on back order you will be notified and given the available options.


Since it started the covid pandemic has created supply issues for every type of business worldwide and we are seeing delays in ways that have never existed in 20 years working in this industry.  Additionally, the demand for parts has more than doubled.  That combination unfortunately leads to delays that are completely out of our control.  We process and ship orders 7 days a week and the only reason for a delay is if we are waiting on parts from a supplier.  When we give you an ETA for your parts that date is based solely on what we are told by the supplier.  The only reason that date may change is when the supplier changes it.  This is just as frustrating for us as it is for you and please feel free to contact the manufacturer for any delayed part to confirm this statement.  Like it or not this is the world we live in right now and everyone has to adjust.  We have hired more employees and overhauled our procedures to keep up with these issues so please understand we are doing everything we can to get you the best parts for your rebuild in the shortest time possible.