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Alpha Cub

The Alpha Cub cylinder is a stock bore, stock stroke monoblock (all one cylinder instead of two) that will last longer and perform better than OEM cylinders. The Alpha Cub is made by CP Industries, nikasil plated by millennium technologies, and sold by us. It has the same design and quality as all other Cheetah Cubs and Servals, making it a much, much better replacement for OEM cylinders. Do you ever wish your Banshee had more bottom end power? The Alpha Cub solves that problem with a port design that is far superior to any other Banshee cylinder on the market. It works with stock carbs*, stock crank, and stock head. These are the last set of Banshee cylinders you will ever buy.

They come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!**

*You will need to re-jet your carbs.
**Lifetime warranty is against cylinder failure, not cylinder renikasil that is sometimes required. It does not cover damaged nikasil that occurs due to installer error or overheating.