Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my horsepower increase when I add performance parts?

We think of motors like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike. There are just too many different variables. Exact hp numbers are impossible to state, and you should beware anyone that says they can give those to you. You should also beware anyone who says they can’t give you any hp numbers at all. A reputable company should be able to ball park it for you no problem.

What break in procedure should I follow after my motor is assembled?

This is not very tricky. We recommend you run a full tank of gas through your motor before ever hitting the throttle hard. Let it run at a decent RPM rate or ride it gently on your first time out. Also, do not use synthetic oil during break in. Synthetic is fine after wards. Break in is VERY important. We have seen over and over people who spend thousands of dollars on building their motor only to blow it up their first time out. Don’t be one of those.

Which is better, big bore, ported head, big cams, or stroker motor?

To get the best performance for you we look at three main considerations. First, what type of riding do you do? Second, how much of a horsepower gain are you looking to get? Third, what is your budget for the build? There are many different ways to get power, and we help you find one that gets that power for a good price.

Will I lose reliability if I put a big bore or stroker kit on my bike?

With most kits the answer to this is no you will not. Motor reliability will depend on two things. First, the motor must be assembled and tuned properly by someone who knows what they are doing. You and your buddy hanging out with a 12 pack and throwing it together on a Saturday afternoon may not be the best idea. Second, once you put on a higher performing motor you need to start following the correct maintainence schedule for your bike. You might be surprised how often your valves, rings, oil, and other items should be checked and replaced according to manufacturer’s specs.

What jetting is right for my bike?

Jetting, what a pain! Tear down carb, remove jets, rebuild carb, install carb, run motor, repeat. Not fun. Again we compare motors to snowflakes, no two are exactly alike. There are too many factors that may change what jets you need. Exact specs are almost, but not totally impossible to give off the cuff. We do however have good starting points for jetting that will get you close and save you time. FYI – Lectron carbs have an adjustable power jet, which means you jet on the fly, no more hassle. Check out our line of those carbs on this site.

How much will shipping cost for my order?

WE SHIP WORLDWIDE. Standard shipping (4-6 business days) in the lower 48 states is free unless specifically stated. Faster shipping is always available. Just contact us but please be aware that for most parts the price goes up very quickly. Cost for shipping outside the US is based on a per weight scale. Contact us for rates. For more information, see our delivery page.

How can I keep track of my order?

You will be emailed a copy of your sales order as soon as you have placed it. When your order ships you will be emailed a copy of your invoice, as well as a tracking number. We strive to be a paperless office, so no hard copies are sent with your order, but they are available upon request. For more information, see our delivery page.

What is your return policy?

We accept returns for almost everything we sell within 14 days from the time the order is received by you. A full refund will be granted minus the cost we paid to ship the order to you (if you received free shipping). If you paid extra for faster shipping and return your order those shipping charges will not be refunded. You must contact us prior to returning your order to get authorization. Any claims for missing or incorrect parts must be made within 72 hours of the order being delivered. For more information, see our delivery page.

What is your warranty policy?

All of the parts we sell are covered by their original manufacturer’s warranty. Almost all of the time this means that if a part fails it will be replaced. In order for any part to be considered for a warranty claim we at BP Racing, and most often the original manufacturer, will need to inspect the part(s), as well some of the parts that work directly with that part. For example, if you feel your piston failed and caused your top end to stop working we will need to see your piston, cylinder, head gasket, and possibly head. The piston manufacturer will want to see these parts as well. If it is determined that the piston did fail it would be replaced along with the top end gaskets needed to reinstall the top end. Unfortunately photos of the part that failed are not enough to get a clear picture of what happened. Please understand that the person who assembles and tunes the motor takes a huge portion of the responsibility on them self. We can not warranty any parts that have failed due to improper installation, improper tuning, improper break in, or misuse. If there is a problem please contact us so we can help. For more information, see our delivery page.